Wedding Gazebos Make Ceremonies and Receptions Beautiful

Many wedding planners have included gazebos into their ceremonies, photos, and receptions over the years. While some prefer Victorian-styled art, others seek out fantastic, breezy beachfront marvels.
Gazebos offer shelter in the event of rain or inclement weather.
It can be used as a focal point during the ceremony.
A smaller pavilion can frame the wedding party. However, a larger structure will allow everyone to enter under the roof.

In the past, most gazebos used for special events and weddings were small, colonial- or Victorian-styled structures. The Belle Roof gazebo is a popular alternative to traditional, decorative gazebos for wedding locations.

The gazebo is an elegant and unique piece. It features fluted columns that evoke Roman architecture and decorative fascia.
The Belle Roof gazebo is an excellent way for businesses and locations to stand out from their competitors.

A gazebo is an excellent background for wedding pictures. There are two types of Belle Gazebos. The long-haul hexagon and the standard hexagon.

The hexagon’s extended shape allows for more flexibility and covers more area without increasing its width. As a result, it is ideal for weddings or taking photos.

The standard hexagon Belle Roof pavilion blends well into symmetrical landscaped areas such as flower gardens or public parks. The standard hexagon includes many of the same features and decorations as the longer hexagon Belle Roof, such as fluted columns and decorative fascia.

Sometimes the best ideas are the oldest. A classic idea combined with a modern twist for your wedding pavilion may be the best investment.

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