Getting the best deals from wedding exhibitions


Weddings are expensive with various costs mounting as you get nearer to the date. Here at Grande Weddings we have many years of experience in showcasing wedding exhibitions in Oxford and various other areas and we have found that many couples struggle with budget and as a result look for the best deals when they attend a wedding event.

Most events will have exhibitors who offer products and services that are hard to locate at lower pricing so going to a wedding exhibition is a worthwhile experience. We have come up with a few tips on how to find the best deals at wedding exhibitions.

Make a list before going

When you have even a vague idea of what you need, it is easier to shop because you know what exhibiting stool to look for. Making a list will also ensure that you won’t make it home and remember an essential item that you missed out on. The closer couples get to the date they are more likely to make impulsive choices so having a list will guarantee quality features as you have a clearer mind on the things you need.

Shop around before going

If you attend a wedding fair without shopping you run the risk of being overwhelmed with the products available, when you have been shopping before going to the exhibition you will have a vague idea of what you want and what’s available.

Find out what exhibitors are attending and look at their products and services

Many wedding shows will release some of the exhibitors that will be at the show on social media or on their website.
When you know some of the exhibitors attending you can look at the products and services available, then gather an idea on what to ask for when going to the exhibitor stall.

Communicate with the exhibitor

Talk to the exhibitor and tell them your requirements and budget, the more they know about your individual circumstances the more they can help you with their services. The Exhibitors who attend wedding shows are industry experts and will be pleased to assist.

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