Autumn Borders in a Backyard – What You Should Know

Some late-flowering bulbs require a wall’s warmth to aid them in generating their very best flowers and giving them safety using the autumn and the winter cold. Several encomia are grown in pots so that they can be given winter protection. Even so, planted at the foot of a wall, they ought to survive the winter if they are well mulched. Encomia has long flower spikes, to thirty inches, topped with a massive tuft of leaf-like bracts, which give it its widespread identity, a giant pineapple flower. Warm south dealing with the wall will favor crinum, which generates many tall stems up to five feet, pink flowers, creating a great show in the late summer and early autumn. The flowers of Powell’s album are white. At half the height, amaryllis makes brilliant pink flowers in autumn without any foliage to set it off; the scrappy, fleshy leaves stick to soon after flowering. Like the crinum, it is an exceptionally gorgeous bulb. Marines are yet another example of a pink flowering autumn bulb, and they, as well, bloom ahead of the leaves that have developed. The frilly flowers are funnel-shaped and vary primarily in their shade of pink, wavy margins, and overall width. They are somewhat shorter, generally reaching only 18 inches. Mulch all these bulbs to help guard against frost injury. Amaryllis, which is native to South Africa, produces stout stems with trumpet-shaped flowers about 24 inches. The foliage emerges right after the flowers. Blush attractiveness is an excellent specimen plant for the autumn border with its delicate deep pink flowers. Encomia make its tall flowers in late summertime. The leaf-like bracts five its common name, giant pineapple flower.

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